AGPLUS is dedicated to introducing a benchmark for the biotechnology industry in Singapore. We stand out from other distributors in the industry through our customer-oriented services as we take our management’s competitive research study seriously and we aim to offer customer-focused outcomes. We provide excellent services and supply the best available products there is in the business.

Our customers range from university, hospitals, testing laboratories, biotech companies, as well as Research and Development in various industries. With the goal to offer only the best quality of products and services, we religiously send our internal staff for training to ensure comprehensive theoretical and practical knowledge on the services and equipment. 

As we aim to progressively advance in the science and technology industry, we want to make sure that our work is aligned with our company morale to be customer-oriented. In order to achieve that, we strongly believe in the significance of creating a trustworthy business relationship with all our partners, as well as accomplishing customer satisfaction and expectation with our value-added solutions.